Welcome to the RESULTS UK National Conference 2021: Take a stance and find chances for change.

Below is the agenda for the conference! To make the most of your conference experience, head over to the interact page too (accessible with the conference password) to chat with fellow attendees on the forum, get involved on social media and access other resources and information. If you have questions or comments, email join@results.org.uk. You can also check the FAQs at the bottom of this page. If you attended the conference, please fill out the anonymous feedback form.

This year’s conference theme is ‘Take a stance and find chances for change‘ because…Over the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic and UK Government decisions have reshaped what we need to campaign on, and how we do it. The pandemic has added urgency to the battle against inequality and poverty and shifted communications online, and UK Government attitudes to campaigning can make it feel like we’re not being listened to. The RESULTS National Conference 2021 will look at how we take a stance on these connected issues, explore the challenges and opportunities of communicating with politicians and each other remotely, and navigate the changing political attitudes to citizens’ engagement in public life. Join us as we take a look at the bigger picture of campaigning and how we can find and take chances to keep pushing for an end to global poverty and injustice.

Saturday 11th September

Join us as we explore what changing political landscapes mean for campaigning and how we can navigate them. Together, we’ll consider and learn about finding chances for change. Sessions run from 9am to 2.30pm (BST).

Time (BST) SessionSpeakers
Welcome from the Grassroots network
RESULTS UK Executive Director Aaron Oxley and grassroots advocates from around the UK network welcome you to the conference. A snapshot of who RESULTS is, how we use our voices and what we’ve been doing to change the world this year.

This session will be in a Zoom conference call format and include a presentation and a short breakout group for introductions.
Aaron Oxley, RESULTS UK Executive Director

RESULTS Grassroots Campaigners
Keynote Address
With her vast campaigning experience and drive for fairness and social justice, Gina Miller will be addressing the challenges campaigners face in the UK now, with reference to how civil society space is changing.

This session will be in a webinar format so only the keynote speaker and host will be able to have their camera and mic on.

Gina Miller
Taking a stance on COVID-19 vaccine equity: a global approach
How are campaigners tackling the COVID-19 crisis across the world? And how is the way we campaign shaped by local contexts? In this conversation between a panel of campaigners fighting for vaccine equity, we’ll hear about different approaches to campaigning on the issue and how political space and society affects how campaigners take their stance.

This session will be in a webinar format so only the keynote speaker and host will be able to have their camera and mic on.
Varsha Gandikota-Nellutla

Pedro Villardi

Rachmi Hertanti

Chris Dendys

Chika Offor
Chances for changing contact with your MP
RESULTS volunteers have a fantastic track record of writing to, and meeting, MPs to help make change. What chances does the pandemic offer us to do things a bit differently and build these important political relationships in new ways? Hear from Chris Law MP about what makes him sit up and listen to constituents and get some top tips from across the RESULTS network on what has worked for them. This session is suitable for everyone, even if you have never contacted your MP before!
Chris Law MP

RESULTS Grassroots Campaigners
Navigating the maze of campaigning
An advocate faces many barriers, opportunities and unexpected events in their journey to influencing decision-makers about issues related to international development. In this workshop, we’ll play a maze game in breakout groups to explore some problem-solving and campaign planning ideas. This session is all about being proactive and creative when carrying out, and planning, our campaigning activities.

This session will be in a Zoom conference call format where we will spend most of the time in smaller breakout groups.

We recommend you join this session from a device with a screen rather than a phone call, if you can.

Find resources for this session here
Co-created with Tahira Kulsoom

Walking for climate justice
During the break, stay on the line, grab a snack and come and listen to former RESULTS staff member Pushpanath Krishnamurthy (‘Push’), who will tell us about his incredible planned walk from London to Glasgow for the UN climate conference. Find out more about Push and the walk here.
Pushpanath Krishnamurthy



Come along to the Saturday conference social! Take part in a general knowledge quiz with quizmaster Naveed Chaudhri (Head of Campaigns) or chat informally with other attendees of the conference! Open to everyone, whether you are new to RESULTS or have been involved for years.

Sunday 12th September

Join us as we explore important issues, from anti-oppression to the interconnectedness of things we advocate for. Together, we will consider and learn about what we take a stance on, when and how. Sessions run from 1pm-6pm (BST).

Time (BST) SessionSpeakers


Taking a stance on the language we use: why the way we talk about poverty and injustice matters
There are many words, phrases and narratives that come up when campaigning against global poverty and injustice. Some of these perpetuate oppressive ideas and stereotypes whilst others promote social justice and solidarity. Starting with a panel discussion, a range of speakers will share their thoughts and opinions on different ways of talking about poverty and injustice, and why it matters. You’ll then have the chance to reflect on the discussion and the language you use in small breakout groups. Throughout the session, you’ll be encouraged to engage using the forum page on the website.

This session will be in a Zoom conference call format and will be predominantly a panel discussion followed by a short discussion in breakout groups.

Motunrayo Fagbayi

Mitzi Jonelle Tan

Sarika Bansal

Abraham Makanjuola
The art of simplicity: creating snappy social media posts
How can we turn complex and political issues into short and snappy social media messages? And make sure the content we create and share is as engaging as possible? We’ll hear from experts on how to get to (and stick to) the point, and from campaigners who create their own visuals to stand out on Instagram and beyond. 

This session will be in a Zoom conference call format and will include presentations and a short activity in breakout groups.

We recommend you join this session from a device with a screen rather than a phone call, if you can.
Tatton Spiller

Leonie Mills


Keynote Addresses: Choosing our battles and interconnected issues

Keynote addresses exploring the interconnectedness of the Sustainable Development Goals and the interlinked nature of the issues we advocate on. Our two high-profile contributors will bring their different perspectives to the topic, one as a development economist, and the other as a senior leader of a global NGO delivering a multi-faceted international development programme.
Please note, Danny Sriskandarajah’s address will be pre-recorded.

This session will be in a webinar format so only the keynote speaker and host will be able to have their camera and mic on.

Jeffrey D. Sachs

Dr Danny Sriskandarajah
Part of the bigger picture: reflecting and celebrating our role as campaigners

Having listened to the powerful keynote speeches, how do we make sense of the interconnectedness of issues as campaigners? This workshop will get you thinking about the issues you care about, finding connections between them and accepting that we can’t advocate for everything at once. A time to reflect on the conference, our campaigning and on your personal interests and advocacy priorities.

This session will be in a Zoom conference call format and will include a presentation and a short activity in breakout groups.

We recommend you join this session from a device with a screen rather than a phone call, if you can.
Lucy Marie Russell


Advocacy meetings preparation and social

5.20-5.30pm Come along for an informal chat about the upcoming advocacy meeting and ask any questions you may have. This is open to everyone whether you have signed up yet or not.
5.30-6pm Stay on the line for an informal chat with other attendees and time for socialising.


How do I join the sessions?

To join the conference sessions, click on the ‘Join here!’ link in bold, red text at the bottom of each session description. When you are prompted to enter a password, you need to enter the conference password that was sent in an email via Eventbrite. If you have any issues, please email join@results.org.uk.

Can I join sessions by phone?

Yes, it is possible to join sessions by calling in on a phone. We do recommend that if you are able to, you join on a tablet, computer or laptop, especially for the interactive workshop sessions. In the Eventbrite email you should have received a document with all the Zoom links and phone numbers. Check that document for the numbers and links. If you have any issues, email join@results.org.uk.

Do I have to join every session?

We encourage you to attend every session to get the most from the conference but it is completely fine to just join the sessions you are able to.

Will sessions be recorded?

Most sessions will be recorded and shared on results.org.uk in the coming weeks. However, some of the workshops will not be fully recorded and the recordings will not be a substitute for attending and participating in the breakout groups and activities. We recommend you join us live if you can!

What is the forum?

The forum is an open discussion place where you can start a conversation on a specific topic or reply to other conversations and topics. It’s a great way to keep the conversation going between sessions and after the conference. To participate in the forum, go to the interact page, enter the conference password and read the notes. Enjoy this space to connect with others!

How do I find out more and get involved with RESULTS UK?

Visit our website to find out more about RESULTS UK and make sure you have subscribed to our mailing list for our campaign updates, news and events. Throughout the conference, you can also find out more here including a summary of useful resources and a link to the ‘Get involved’ forum to ask questions. All other queries about RESULTS UK can be sent to join@results.org.uk. We’d love to hear from you!

What are advocacy meetings?

 Advocacy meetings are with grassroots volunteers and Civil Servants and MPs on a range of topics. They are an opportunity to hear from key advocacy targets and decision makers and get an insight into their work. Find out more and register your interest on the advocacy meetings page on the website.