Welcome to the RESULTS UK National Conference site, where you will find everything you need for this year’s conference, happening online on Saturday 11 September and Sunday 12 September, 2021.

Join us to explore, learn and question what we take a stance on and how we find chances when campaigning to end global poverty & injustice. This year’s theme is ‘Take a stance and find chances for change‘ because…

Over the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic and UK Government decisions have reshaped what we need to campaign on, and how we do it. The pandemic has added urgency to the battle against inequality and poverty and shifted communications online, and UK Government attitudes to campaigning can make it feel like we’re not being listened to. The RESULTS National Conference 2021 will look at how we take a stance on these connected issues, explore the challenges and opportunities of communicating with politicians and each other remotely, and navigate the changing political attitudes to citizens’ engagement in public life. Join us as we take a look at the bigger picture of campaigning and how we can find and take chances to keep pushing for an end to global poverty and injustice.

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What is the format of the conference? The conference will be held on Zoom and will be two half-days. Sessions will run from 9am-2.30pm (BST) on Saturday and 1pm-6.30pm (BST) on Sunday.




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Who is this event for?

Anyone with an interest in campaigning and advocating for an end to global poverty and injustice is welcome, whether you are only just starting out as an advocate or you have been with RESULTS for a long time. If you are not familiar with RESULTS, you can hear more in our welcoming session on Saturday morning. There will also be a chance throughout the conference to speak to the Campaigns team and ask any questions. In the meantime, check out our ‘get involved‘ page.