Advocacy Meetings

One-off meetings between Tuesday 14th September- Tuesday 28th September

A bit of background information: Each year, following the National Conference, RESULTS UK holds a series of advocacy meetings. In previous years when the conference was a face-to-face event in London, the advocacy meetings would be a day in which volunteer advocates would visit MPs and teams of civil servants in their offices. This year, like last year, the advocacy meetings will be spread over the week/s following the Conference and held online. They are an opportunity to hear from key advocacy targets and decision makers and get an insight into their work. Even if you haven’t been involved with RESULTS or campaigning for long, you are welcome to come and you will receive support and briefings from us before-hand.

Who are they with? Advocacy meetings are with MPs, civil servants and key decision makers in organisations we work with. For this reason, the meetings will remain private and not be made or shared with the general public.

What’s the aim? The aim of the meetings is to build rapport and mutual understanding with key advocacy targets and practice your advocacy skills. It’s a chance for grassroots advocates to hear from decision-makers about their work, and how best we can support them in being a champion for our issues.

What’s the format? The meetings are led and conducted entirely by grassroots advocates but the Campaigns Team and issue leads from the Policy and Parliamentary teams will hold a pre-meeting before each Advocacy meeting, where volunteers go through their briefings together, discuss their approach to the questions, and allocate roles.

How can I join? Fill out the form below and we will be in touch with the schedule of the meetings. You can then check out the schedule and let us know which exact meetings you’d like to attend so you can receive the call details. If you have already received the schedule by email, just email us directly to let us know which meeting/s you wish to attend.

For any questions, please email us at

If you are interested in receiving updates about the advocacy meetings and attending some of them, please register your interest below:

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